The artist will travel to the client's location to obtain information needed to complete a commissioned portrait. Normal time would include one to two days at the client's location. During his visit the artist will spend time getting to know the subject, discussion of the details of the portrait including pose, clothing, setting and photo shoot. At the conclusion of the photo-shoot (approximately 1 1/2 hours), the artist and client will review and make final selections the artist will use as reference to create the portrait in the studio. During this initial visit the artist also enjoys the opportunity to complete a head sketch in oil of the subject from life. Approximately two hours is needed to complete the sketch and can be done at most any location. This is not required, but adds an additional resource the artist finds valuable when planning the final portrait. Back in the studio a small sketch of the painting including pose, composition, color scheme, etc. will also be completed and sent to the client for approval. These are not for likeness, but serve to illustrate the general approach to the finished portrait. Once the sketch is approved the artist begins work on the final painting. During the process of creating the portrait, the artist may request an additional sitting to be conducted either in the artist's Nashville studio or at the client's location. A final sitting is suggested to complete the portrait. In some cases photographs of the finished portrait can be sent to the client for approval upon completion.
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